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Grant Writing

A well-written grant proposal will draw in the reviewer and allow him or her to connect with your target audience. We will use elements of storytelling to create an emotional appeal and response for your program. This information will be used to create letters of inquiry (LOIs) and/or develop grant proposals to submit to grantmakers looking to fund programs like yours.

Program Development

There are numerous approaches to addressing any given social cause with some producing better results than others. What is important is helping your program stand out among the crowd. We can help your program go from good to great! To do this, we will identify and recommend best practice and cost-efficient strategies to achieve desired outcomes. Areas where recommendations may be suggested include staffing, program structure, and program participation.


A program without documented success is one that will be difficult to grow, expand, and get funded. We will develop custom surveys and assessments for data collection purposes that demonstrate both the individual and social impact of your program.

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