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You are not alone. Your nonprofit has a partner in its quest to further its mission

Growing My Nonprofit will work with you to develop, plan, and create strategies to help increase your program’s effectiveness, demonstrate intended outcomes, and identify prospective grantmakers. We will be with you every step of the way, helping to make a difference in the lives of the people and the communities your nonprofit serves.

1. Program Development

  • We will construct a logic model depicting a visual representation of your program to provide you with clarity on how it will operate and expected outcomes. Click here for a sample of a GMN-developed logic model for one of our clients.
  • We will gather information about your target audience using quantitative and qualitative data sources to include, statistical information (primary and archival) and anecdotal observations. 
  • We will develop a comprehensive program implementation plan with step-by-step action items essential to achieving your program’s goals and desired outcomes.  

2. Grant Writing

  • We will identify grant opportunities for your nonprofit to consider.
  • We will write letters of inquiry (LOIs) to inform grantmakers of your nonprofit’s intention to apply for a  grant.
  • We will develop full grant proposals supported by research, best practices, and program data.
  • We will edit and draft proposals that were written by staff of your nonprofit to strengthen its clarity, organization, and presentation.
  • We will review and provide feedback on proposals that were not funded to make them more competitive for future submissions.

3. Evaluation

  • We will determine the type of evaluation design most appropriate and beneficial to your nonprofit with respect to cost, time, and utility.
  • We will develop key questions to be addressed in the evaluation of your program.
  • We will develop data collection tools to monitor and assess the progression and effectiveness of your program and recommend mid-course corrections where needed.
  • We will create program evaluation reports complete with design purpose, methodology, results, opportunities, and lessons learned.

4. Training

  • We offer in-person and web-based training to help broaden your staff’s knowledge and skills in three principal areas: program development, grant writing, and evaluation. Our training opportunities can be customized (topics and time) to fit your nonprofit’s needs. 
  • Our most popular training offerings are logic model development, establishing funder relationships, proposal development/grant writing (beginner and intermediate options), and program evaluation.


"Growing My Nonprofit has provided fund development consultations with several of our clients. Clients consistently rave about their expertise, passion, and insight. Staff of Growing My Nonprofit have a unique talent and thoughtful approach to meeting clients where they are. The services provided were invaluable to our clients, the agency as a whole and the many citizens of the state of South Carolina that benefited from nonprofits that were able to grow as a result of their help."
SC State Government Agency
Former Program Manager
"GMN worked with the staff of a local nonprofit to rewrite a grant proposal that was initially not funded. The original proposal had issues with clarity, organization, and application. The second proposal addressed all of the previous issues. It was one of the best proposals I have ever reviewed. The organization was funded and for the requested amount."
Program Manager
"We are very appreciative of Growing My Nonprofit for their compassion and dedication to the task. Their help was instrumental in our learning of writing grant proposals. We are grateful to have worked with them."
Grant Writing Client (Full Proposal)
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